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 My wife Charity and I on our wedding day August 14,  2011! The PERFECT day!
So, you know when couples sit down and talk and dream about their future wedding? You know when Brides think of the PERFECT dress and the groom just is in awe of the thought of what his future bride to be will look like?  They dream of a time when their guests will be so excited for them and EVERYONE will be there.  They want the ceremony to be PERFECT. They want the first dance to be PERFECT. They want the introduction of the bridal party to be PERFECT. They want the cake cutting, the bouquet and garter toss to be PERFECT.  They want the music and announcing to be PERFECT.  They want people to laugh, dance and share in what should be the most PERFECT time of their lives!
 Yes, that is rain! The PERFECT day!
Well, I'm here to tell you....that was my wedding!  It was PERFECT. 
Everything about my wedding was perfect.  During the ceremony the weather was unbelievable.  The music was cued perfectly on time. My wife looked stunning in her wedding dress.  At the reception, the bridal party introduction was performed to perfection, the song that everyone was introduced to, the pronunciation of the names…PERFECT.   I never wanted the night to end.  The dancing, the laughter the celebration, the food, the music…it was all perfect.  That’s why I decided to start Perfect 4th Entertainment services. I want to help couples out there have the perfect wedding.  My services are grouped into four main steps:
1.       Discovery meeting:  At this first meeting, I will ask you and your future husband or wife a series of questions that will allow me to get an idea of what you two are like as a couple.  We will also go over exactly what I can do for you to make your wedding happen the right way! This is also where we will see if I can help you in any way with costs of your wedding. 
2.       Info Gathering session:  This is where I start to get all the information I’ll need from you to make things happen.  This can include: Gathering songs for the events within your wedding (first dance, introductions etc..), figuring out what traditions you want during your ceremony (sand mixing, prayer, Father/Daughter dance etc…), gathering names of the people that are in your wedding.  This along with a lot of other things will help me when proceeding to the next step.   
3.       The Order of Service Template:  This is the most valuable step in everything that I have to offer you.  A lot of couples have benefitted from my wedding templates.  I take all the information from the previous two steps and I build you a minute to minute, song by song, event by event Order of Service for your entire wedding.  Having this will make life so much easier for everyone involved.  You, parents, caterers, photographers, venue staff and even wedding planners will use this when getting ready for your special day. 
4.       The Day: On the day of the wedding, I will primarily be handling all of your music and emcee needs.  I utilize a couple of different computer programs, as well as time generators to keep things moving in a timely fashion.  I also supply my own audio equipment including speakers and microphones that can be used during toasts and other events.  I believe that a great DJ plays music that is tailored to your guests and your interests.  I believe that a great Emcee isn’t distracting, but is confident in what the goal is: to make sure that the wedding of your dreams happens.
With hard work and some proper preperation time, together we can make your wedding day PERFECT!
Victoria and Jay Fox
                    “Chris was great! He was extremely thorough with the planning at the beginning which immediately put Jay and I at ease.  He was also great about returning calls and getting in touch with me about songs and planning as the date approached.  Even before the wedding we had to move some things around and Chris was extremely accommodating.  He was patient with me, even though I knew I forgot to get him a few details, he picked up the responsibility and made it happen!.  The reception was so fun! He didn’t talk too much but was still very present and aware of guests flow of things....which I loved!”                       -Victoria Fox

"I believe that a great Emcee isn't distracting, but is confident in what the goal is: to make sure that the wedding of your dreams happens"

Josh and Jessica Wead
Photo Sweet Root Villaige Photography

"Chris Campbell is the best DJ and Emcee a girl could ask for the day she's dreamed about since she was a little girl! He is professional, reliable and fun! He really cares about making your wedding day just how you imagined it and works hard on his side to make run as smoothly and as stress free as possible.  We were so blessed to have him as your DJ/Emcee and if you choose him as your guy I know you will be too!"
-Jessica Wead

"Chris was an extremly professional DJ with an excellent taste in music and knew exactly what the party needed!  He created the perfect atmosphere for a wedding reception and had people on the dance floor all evening long.  His knowledge of music as well as equipment allowed him to execute the event flawlessly and seamlessly.  As someone who has been to hundreds of weddings, I would highly recommend him to anyone for their special day or special event."
-Pastor Joe Gosselin, Groomsmen and Venue coordinator for The Regency Country club
Josh and Jessica Wead Bridal Party
Photo Sweet Root Villaige Photography

"Chris was so good! Always smiling, reliable and well prepared in advance.  He ran the whole event smoothly with great change in music style....even incorporating some unique ethnic music that was so dear to our new bride! I can't wait to use him in the future for our other family weddings!"

-Myriam Wead, Mother of the Groom
"Extremely composed and professional, Chris is responsive and easy to work with.  He has a great feel for all sorts of music and when it comes to deejaying and being the emcee, he is lively and personable! I recommend him 100%!!"
-Rachel Bridgewood, Sweet Root Villiage photography. 

Josh Wead and Grandmother In-law enjoying some dancing together. 
Photo Sweet Root Villaige Photography
Wead wedding during the Cupid Shuffle
Photo Sweet Root Villaige Photography
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